Why Is My Acne Getting Worse? Acne Complications To Consider.

Why Is My Acne Getting Worse?  Acne Complications To Consider.

So you have at least a moderate amount of acne, and it really itches.  You know you shouldn’t, but you just always pick at it.  Sometimes it is just inflamed after sleep and resting on the pillow overnight.  But it doesn’t make sense, it just sometimes gets worse on its own, and you can’t really say why.  You take all the right steps, but it still just doesn’t seem to work.  Here are some of the factors that often cause complications, and inhibit the healing process of acne.

As you may know, picking and squeezing spots, whether they be blackheads or acne, often results in one or more of a number of complications.  This is usually because when you make the acne spot bleed, they may become infected by the bacteria on the face.  If you have implemented a skincare routine, just keep disinfecting the area, and be patient – i.e. don’t touch it any more.

Often hormones are one of the main culprits of bad acne face.  A flare up can often be entirely out of your control, as it is a result of a natural spike in hormone levels.  For example in women, there are a number of conditions which cause hormones to be out of balance, like “polycystic ovary syndrome” (POS).  But the effects of hormones on acne are also commonly experienced in men, and by women in pregnancy.

Another related issue to the one above which can alter hormone levels are contraceptive pills.  This is due to the type of progestogen which some pills contain.  Interestingly though, other types of pills can actually improve acne in women.  It is essential you see your GP for further information regarding this.

Certain medications may inflame acne – such as epilepsy medicines, steroid cream, and eczema ointments.  Again see your GP for further information.

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