Why Buy Triathlon Shorts?

Why Buy Triathlon Shorts?

If you’re training for one of the toughest things you’ll ever do, don’t you think you should get the gear that will make it a little bit easier? If you make sure you get the right shorts, the only thing you need to worry about once you hit that starting line is giving it your all. Take it from me: part of your preparation needs to include buying some triathlon shorts.

The last thing you want after months of hard work is to be stopped in your tracks by chaffing, becoming saddle sore, or being weighed down by water soaked clothing. You will also save time, since you won’t have to change after each event. Triathlon shorts are designed for your run, cycle and your swim.

There are many manufacturers that provide specialty clothing, such as Pearl Izumi, Sugoi, Desoto and Ironman. All of them provide different length versions from which you can choose. The main, very obvious benefit of owning a pair of tri-shorts is the fit. They are designed to support the muscles you use (hamstrings and quadriceps), and to be the most comfortable thing you can wear to get the job done. A lot of products actually grip the legs and apply compression to the body to protect the muscles during this grueling challenge.

Furthermore, the types of material used help to ensure that your clothing isn’t saturated with water. Compare products before you buy, but you will find a lot of choice of products that boast reduced water absorption. Nearly all designs have easy access pockets for you to store your energy releasing snacks so you’ll make it all the way around.

You can buy women’s or men’s triathlon shorts at prices from $35 up to $100, but there are many good products on the market priced between $50 and $70. There are plenty of sellers online, and searching for these types of shorts on Amazon.com is a great starting point for looking at a wide range of shorts. Amazon’s customer reviews are great for helping you find the right pair for you. So what are you waiting for? Get the best, and be the best!

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