When You Should and Shouldn’t Use Weight Lifting Belts

When You Should and Shouldn’t Use Weight Lifting Belts

While using weight lifting belts might make lifting some serious weights a lot easier, there are times when you should and shouldn’t be using them.  If you use them when you shouldn’t, nothing may happen to you today, but over the course of time you will build up imbalances in  your muscles that could result in big injuries.

There are two main times that you should be using weight lifting belts, when you’re just recovering from a back injury and when you’re doing an extremely heavy lifting day.  If you are just recovering from a back injury, especially one that required medical attention, make sure that you consult with your doctor before you start lifting again.  If you don’t consult with your doctor, you might end up injuring yourself more severely, even with the weight belt on.

Another great time to use a weight belt is when you’re doing a heavy lifting day.  Wearing a belt on these days will keep your abdomen and back from fatiguing on long sets.  It can also give you the confidence that you need to attempt to rack up some big, heavy weights.  This is the main time when most people should be using lifting belt.

When shouldn’t you be using lifting belts?  Anytime else.  They do help out, but if you’re using a lifting belt every day it starts to become a crutch.  It limits the strength of your abs and core, so you don’t build the functional strength that you need to lift more weights.  Even if you do to ab workouts after you’re don’t with your heavier lifting, your abs aren’t engaged in the same way.  This can lead to plateaus in your training, bad form, and even injuries.

Weight lifting belts are a great tool for you to use in the weight room, but just make sure that you use them correctly.

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