What is The Big Deal About The HCG Hormone

HCG is a hormone that is produced in pregnant women. HCG is the abbreviation for Human chorionic gonadotropin. HCG plays several roles in pregnancy. It can be used to stimulate ovulation as well as production of testosterone.

The HCG hormone is used in many different settings, but it is often a factor that is used to increase fertility. It can be used for either the male, female or both. HCG can stimulate ovulation in females within 24 hours after the injection. In addition, HCG is theorized to prevent the transfer of HIV from a mother who is positive to a fetus.

Perhaps the greatest recent interest in HCG is its ability to cause weight loss in both men and women. An endocrinologist from Britain has observed that the hormone caused weight loss in both "fat boys" and pregnant women without causing any loss of muscle mass. This doctor used injections of true HCG. HCG is a substance that can be isolated from the urine of pregnant women. Several groups perform the separation and prepare HCG for sale to patients. The higher concentrations used by the doctor in his study would only be available through prescriptions. This has lead to the formulation of homeopathic HCG. The homeopathic formulation may have only very little or no actual HCG included, but it can be ingested rather than injected.

This substance is on the list of banned performance enhancing drugs for many athletes. If you plan to play in professional or Olympic sports, you may want to avoid use of any HCG, whether the homeopathic or actual version. Some athletes have been banned from as many as fifty games for use. HCG has several uses for humans. It may be used to increase fertility in infertile couples. In addition, it can stimulate weight loss in both men and women; however, the substance is banned in some athletic competition. HCG hormone is available in the natural version when isolated form the urine of pregnant women or as a homeopathic compound.

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