What Are Treadmills?

What Are Treadmills?

What are treadmills? Generally speaking, treadmills are man-made exercise machines used to help a person achieve a running or walking motion while staying put in one place. The word treadmill itself has its beginnings from the term mill, an apparatus operated by either a human being or an animal by using a treading motion or action on the steps of the wheel in order to grind grain to make flour. If you want to lose those pounds but are too shy to run outside, then this is the right exercise machine for you to use.

Treadmills have numerous components. First is the conveyor belt. This is the surface on which the user runs or walks. It is usually wide, allowing those big and muscle bound individuals to use it comfortably. Second is the electric motor. This is the part that runs the treadmill on the pace dictated by the user. The belt itself moves to the rear part of the machine during use, allowing the user to walk, jog or run in the opposite direction. The faster or slower the belt moves, the faster or slower the user has to run, jog or walk in the process.

Treadmills usually have heart rate monitors and pulse monitors together with a monitoring mechanism that checks for calories burned, distance covered and total speed of your run or walk. As such, you can monitor your progress every time you use it. You can easily check for your heart rate and pulse by a simple glance at the built in monitor or LCD which is usually located at the front part of the machine. You can also set goals for distance, speed, calories that you want to burn, or even the type of workout you want by setting up the machine. No other machine can do this much.

With these treadmills, you can exercise your way into the body that you want even if it is raining outside. Bad weather will no longer be a factor that impacts your running, walking or jogging sessions. No longer will you be hindered by your shyness to run outdoors. These treadmills have been specifically developed over the last 50 years in order to bring to each and every person the cardiovascular exercise that they need right in the comfort of their own home. If you want to achieve great results then you can use your treadmill for an hour or more 3-4 times a week or whenever your schedule allows. This a fantastic way to get a great body workout.

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