Weight Loss Tips to Avoid and their Alternatives

Weight Loss Tips to Avoid and their Alternatives

We’ve been following the weight loss tips from several sources and yet the weight seems to be holding on for dear life. The road to weight loss should lead to a healthy lifestyle, not starvation, dehydration and certainly not through painful bowel excretion.

Laxatives induce bowel movement by increasing the peristaltic movement of our intestines. It irritates our intestines, making a person excrete the last meal he took. There are herbal and medical laxatives available over-the-counter, but this is one those weight loss tips that should be avoided at all costs. If our bowels are constantly irritated for no medical reason, then the chance for colon cancer increases. The person taking laxatives would also be susceptible to chronic constipation, because he is so dependent on the laxatives for bowel movement. Weight loss tips to use as an alternative to laxatives include foods high in fiber and lean meats. Fiber is nature’s broom. It gently removes the food in our colons by coating it with an emollient gel.

Diuretics pull water from out tissues and forces one to urinate. Dieters are often tempted to use diuretics because the results are relatively fast and easy to pull off. Unfortunately, diuretics only decrease the water weight stored in the body and not the actual fat. Diuretics minimize important elements in our body called electrolytes. When fluid and electrolyte levels are disrupted, the body compensates adversely. Abusing diuretics only leads to rebound weight gain or water retention. As our body excretes more water, it is tricked into believing that it needs more water to survive, thus it re-absorbs the water into the cells. The re-absorbed water is often more than what our bodies naturally need, giving us that bloated look. Severe use of diuretics can cause muscle weakness, paralysis, heart problems, even seizures. The best weight loss tips fend off water retention is by drinking water and sweating. Drinking water hydrates your body, making it release the excess water it stored to prevent dehydration. Sweating excretes the excess salt trapped in your body.

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