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Is raspberry ketone miracle fat burner?

Raspberry Ketone: Burn Fat and Lose Weight

Dr. Oz has called raspberry ketone supplements “the #1 miracle in a bottle to burn your fat.” That seems like a fantastic claim, especially coming from Dr. Oz. So, what the heck are they and — more importantly — how can you use them to lose weight?  [continue reading] 


Weight Loss Tips to Avoid and their Alternatives

We’ve been following the weight loss tips from several sources and yet the weight seems to be holding on for dear life. The road to weight loss should lead to a healthy lifestyle, not starvation, dehydration and certainly not through painful bowel excretion. Laxatives induce bowel movement by increasing the peristaltic movement of our intestines….  [continue reading] 


How to Burn Fat and Lose Weight Naturally

When people think of losing some weight through the burning of their store of body fat, they usually think of diet related pills or similar that are heavily promoted and claim to be able to do it all for you. But there is also a completely natural way of doing this and it is one…  [continue reading] 


What Are The Side-Effects Of Slimming Pills?

Although we all dream of being able to pop a few pills a day in order to achieve the perfect body, this simply isn’t a dream that will ever come true.  Even the best slimming pills on the market have some downsides so it’s important that you understand what you are getting yourself in for….  [continue reading] 


5 Surprising (and Effective) Weight Loss Tips

Everyone seems to have their own tips for losing weight. But do they work? Are they realistic? We’ve got tips, too. And ours work. Here are 5 easy AND effective tips to help you shed some pounds.  [continue reading] 


A Great Fat Burning Foods List

Get ready for summer with the help of these fat burning foods! It’s that time of year again when almost everyone will be trying to find diets for quick weight loss in order to get ready for the bikini season. Exercise is of course one of the best ways to accomplish that, but exercise alone…  [continue reading] 


Do You Lack Weight Loss Motivation?

Motivation for weight loss is one of the major downfalls which prevent many people from achieving their weight loss goals. This is especially the case when it comes to diets. The trouble with most diets these days is that they leave you feeling constantly hungry. With temptation everywhere it can be so much easier to…  [continue reading] 


Weight loss tip: eat early and often

Studies have shown that one of the most successful weight loss tips is to consume several healthy small meals per day as opposed to going longer between meals. Six meals or three meals and two to three snacks are recommended. When going too long between meals the body tends to go into “starvation” mode and…  [continue reading] 


Effective Fat Loss Training Strategies

If you have ever seen a doctor or spoken to anybody about healthy fat loss, the very first thing they tell you to do is low to medium level aerobic exercises. This is also known as cardio. They advise you to do steady-paced cardio for approximately 30-60 minutes for more or less 3-5 times a…  [continue reading] 


How To Get Slimmer The Right Way!

Today many people are looking for ways to slim their body down to a healthy size. All of them are looking for way to change their appearance, when they should in fact be looking for ways to make their body healthier and the results would follow. But since we are all so results-oriented these days,…  [continue reading] 


Teenage Weight Loss Is Simple Enough

It is just a natural fact. Some teenagers in America today think that they need to lose weight, and in some cases they are right. But as a young person there is no need to resort to things that do your body more harm than good. The best diet is a good diet where you…  [continue reading] 


How Can Cellulite Affect Your Social Life?

There are many people around the world suffering from cellulite. Unfortunately, this can be a very distressing problem which can cause a great deal of grief and anxiety. In many cases, this may be hard to handle, especially for people who are self-conscious about their figures. In this case, a cellulite treatment is what you…  [continue reading] 

Some of the best foods that you can eat to lose weight

Some of the best foods that you can eat to lose weight If you spend some time searching the Internet for all the weight loss techniques that are available you will learn that you will need more than one lifetime to do that, because there are a lot of websites, books and programs that you…  [continue reading] 


Real ways to lose belly fat

Losing belly fat is something that can be easily achieved as long as you know what you are doing and follow a few simple tips. The chemistry of men and women’s bodies is totally different; however, basic principles on how to lose belly fat are the same in both. If you would like to know…  [continue reading] 


Weight loss tips for a better diet

Too many people look for weight loss tips to help them lose weight and then start randomly cutting foods from their diet — or worse yet starving themselves. Many of these people have no understanding of how the body uses calories and why. If you want to reach your weight loss goals, it’s vital that…  [continue reading]