Weight Lifting


Super Sets and Interval Training for Fast Weight Loss

Losing weight requires a person to push themselves hard than they ever have in the past. We all want fast results and get our body into amazing shape, but most of us do not have the patience it takes to lose weight. While weight loss does require patience if you know the right exercises you…  [continue reading] 


Which Exercises Offer the Safest Way to Build Muscle?

Many beginning body sculptors, when first starting out, look at professional bodybuilders and model their own exercise regimens after theirs. Thinking that no one knows how to build muscle faster and more effectively than the pros, these amateurs will take on as much weight as possible and do all sorts of advanced resistance-training exercises designed…  [continue reading] 

Are bodybuilding Workouts For You?

Many of us know we should exercise more and that some resistance training is good for us but are bodybuilding workouts for you?  What exactly is a bodybuilding workout?  I don’t want to get huge, should I still use a bodybuilding routine?  These are all good questions and even better, here are some possible solutions….  [continue reading] 

Pause and Rest Technique for Enhanced Weight Lifting

When it comes to lifting it is important to constantly be pushing yourself. You only get bigger and stronger by lifting harder and heavier and pushing yourself a little further. It is important that you are cycling not only your lifts and workouts but your actual lifting techniques as well. All too often people weight…  [continue reading] 


When to Take A Break From Weight Training

Few things are as fun as starting a new exercise program. Well, that’s not entirely true. The initial soreness can be a real bear to get over, but once you’ve put in enough time so that you’re not moaning the morning after your workout as you roll out of bed, you’ll know what I mean….  [continue reading] 


The Best Cheap Dumbbells

Depending on your definition of cheap, dummbbells are not… Cheap dumbbells are definitely hard to come by. When looking at a traditional set the cheapest set I could find ran for around $650 for a completely standard, non neoprene set, weights from 5 to 50 lbs in 5 lb increments, without the stand. So if…  [continue reading] 


5 Steps to Create a Big Chest Workout

A big chest is a sign of strength, power, virility and overall manliness. No muscle group will give you more strength and confidence than a massive chest. So many people go to the gym and train hard with a heavy focus on chest but get little results. They simply do not know what they are…  [continue reading] 


When You Should and Shouldn’t Use Weight Lifting Belts

While using weight lifting belts might make lifting some serious weights a lot easier, there are times when you should and shouldn’t be using them.  If you use them when you shouldn’t, nothing may happen to you today, but over the course of time you will build up imbalances in  your muscles that could result…  [continue reading] 


Here Is How You Can Get A Bulked Up Chest In Record Time

Dumbbells and free weights are your greatest assets when it comes to building chest muscles fast. They will help you get light barrels chest rippling muscles in a very short time. Since the cornerstone of a guy’s physique is his chest, everyone wants to develop theirs to look bulky, massive and attractive. The chest has…  [continue reading]