Using A Fitness Mat To Get In Shape At Work

When you think of a fitness mat, you probably picture taking a yoga class at a specialized yoga studio. Do you picture sit-ups in the morning in your living room, or stretches at work on your lunch break? Probably not. But you could, and you should, picture these things, because small moments in your day are great opportunities to start good habits, and a fitness mat can be an important part of those habits.

There are several reasons to take your fitness mat to work (or even to leave it there, or buy a spare to keep there in addition to your at home mat).


For one, we all know how important physical fitness is to overall health. No, you should not shirk your work duties or spend time stretching when you are supposed to be on task. However, most employers provide a break or two in addition to the required lunch break. Using even a few moments here and there to stretch or do simple calisthenics can mean that you’ve already spend 10-15 minutes total exercising before you even get home for the day. Add another 15, and you’ve reached the government’s guidelines for minimum physical activity!


Secondly, using a fitness mat at work doesn’t just benefit your health, it can actually benefit your work performance as well. Sitting at a desk for hours can make your brain go practically numb. Taking a break to check your email, or Facebook, or phone will not actually serve the purpose of a break. But taking a few moments to step away from the screen, phone, and other gadgets and focus on breathing and stretching can help you refresh, reset, and refocus for the next task. Overall, your productivity and work quality will greatly benefit.

Group Benefits:

See if other people at work are interested in exercising over the lunch hour. You’ll likely find that there are a few others who want to stay healthy and are looking for a more productive, energizing use of the lunch hour. If your employer lets you, you may even have a certain room designated for the activity. You can all bring your fitness mats to work and encourage each other to stay in the habit of exercising each day.

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