Understanding Acne and Its Home Remedies

Understanding Acne and Its Home Remedies

Many experts believe that because of the increased amount of pollution in the air acne is much more likely to develop in our era then in eras past. They explain that in order for our body to compensate with the increased amounts of pollution present in the environment our bodies, specifically our oil glands, secrete more oil than usual. Unfortunately this increased amount of oil leads to acne because the oil traps bacteria and other microorganisms inside the pores of our body.

But the cause of acne is not limited to increased secretion of oil glands caused by pollution. It is also believed that our diets play a major role in whether or not we develop acne. For example it is widely believed that drinking milk can cause acne.

Genetics are also believed to play a large role in acne development. If your parents and older brothers and sisters had/have acne, there is a big possibility that you will develop the same problem. Darn those genetics.

Quick Remedies VS. Home Remedies

Now is the age of technology and many remedies have been developed to cure acne or prevent its formation in your skin (and do so in a hurry). There are chemical products that can treat your acne and claim to solve the problem in no time at all. There’s also laser technology that claims to be able to cure your acne by simply pointing a laser at it. Laser technologists claim that exposing your acne to the laser will immediately eradicate your acne. If lasers and chemicals were not fast enough, humans have developed surgical techniques wherein those with serious acne problems can surgically remove their acne.

Now that we’ve covered the fast and unnatural ways of curing acne, let’s move over to the natural remedies. Natural remedies don’t deliver results as quickly, but in the long run they might be a better option. Natural or home acne remedies don’t usually have any side effects. As opposed to the instant cures mentioned above, natural remedies simply assist your body in getting rid of acne. Your body already knows how to heal itself; sometimes it just needs a little help.

Home acne remedies are derived naturally in which herbal plants and animals are the main ingredients. But right now we’re living in a fast pace modern century and making these remedies at home can cause a delay. So pharmaceutical companies invented a way to instill these home acne remedies into our bathing and beauty products and sometimes in our vitamin supplements.

To conclude since we are living in a new century where people want quick and instant. There are several options available for those who want a quick fix of their acne problem. However, there is no guarantee that these quick fixes will work for the long run. In addition, there may be unwanted side effects. Natural home remedies for acne might be a better choice because they work with your body to help eliminate acne.

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