Try These Natural Ways to Fall Asleep

Try These Natural Ways to Fall Asleep

If you have trouble sleeping, you probably know that it is a major factor in the quality of your health.  A lack of sleep can cause fatigue and raise your stress levels.  If you are currently struggling to get a good night’s sleep, try implementing these easy ways to fall asleep!

Eat Smart

If you are searching for easy ways to fall asleep, you need to pay careful attention to your diet.  Ideally, eat dinner at least three hours before you turn in for the evening.  Assuming you go to bed at 10pm, make sure you are finished with your dinner by 7pm.  Earlier eating times can be difficult to get used to, but you will be rewarded for your efforts by better sleep.  This is thanks to your body having the time to digest your food before sleeping.

Try a Relaxing Bath with Essential Oils

According to Mary Sahs, a Michigan naturopath, you should take a warm bath with lavender and chamomile essential oils and two cups of Epsom salts in the evening just before bed.    Ideally, soak and relax for at least twenty minutes.  The essential oils are believed to calm you down and assist with relaxation and the salt helps your body absorb magnesium.  This mineral is believed to play a key role in stress relief.

Keep it Clean

It has been shown that physical clutter can lead to emotional clutter.  Feng shui experts believe that clutter can stand in the way of your mind letting go.  For these reasons, you want to make sure that your room is as clutter free as possible.  Put your clothes away and remove stacks of books and magazines.  You should also make sure that your sheets are neat and freshly laundered.  A clean room and bed will go a long way towards improving your sleep!

By trying these natural ways to fall asleep, you can improve the quality of your sleep!

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