Treating Panic Disorder in Pregnant Women

Treating Panic Disorder in Pregnant Women

The issue of how to deal with panic disorder for pregnant women is a complicated one. Having regular panic attacks is bad enough, and the fact that the condition is often accompanied by other anxiety just makes it worse. This is especially trying for a new mother, who not only has to deal with the condition itself, but all of the trials and hassles of preparing for a new addition to the family. All of these things combined make life very hard, and the whole situation is complicated by the fact that treatment of all types is limited for anyone who is pregnant.

As you have probably seen on TV, virtually every pharmaceutical says it cannot be taken if the patient is pregnant or planning to be pregnant. This is because most pharmaceuticals are toxic in some way, and although it takes a relatively high level of this toxicity to hurt someone in the short-term (although over time, pharmaceuticals, even in low doses, can poison you in the long-term), since unborn children are much more susceptible to problems, even the smallest amount of toxins can damage them. Therefore, women with panic disorder who become pregnant must often stop the medication they’ve been taking before, and being forced to stop something so abruptly can cause more problems.

The best way to treat panic disorder for pregnant women is through cognitive-behavioral therapy. The reason this is the ideal method is because it does not use any drugs or supplements. It is all based on coaching the person to think differently and modify their behaviors. However, because panic disorder has a biological basis, if brain chemistry is simply out of whack, it may be nearly impossible to fix the problem through this method. There are a few natural treatments that can be helpful, but few of them work for everyone or with as great efficacy as treatments you can get when not pregnant.

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