Traditional Liposuction Vs Liposuction Alternatives

Traditional liposuction is a field of plastic surgery that is quickly becoming outdated because it is an invasive surgery. The traditional procedure uses a cannula tube inserted into fatty tissue, and the fat is then removed from the body using a vacuum process. Though it is relatively safe compared to other plastic surgery procedures, it is expensive and has a long recovery period that includes the possibility of scarring. The cannula tube can cause bruising that can slow down the healing process, and the insertion point can also scar. Because of these inconveniences, scientists have spent years trying to improve liposuction procedures. Newly developed technology has provided liposuction alternatives that are now much less invasive than traditional liposuction surgery. Non surgical liposuction procedures are non invasive treatments that provide fantastic results without the pain traditional liposuction presents. Cannula tubes are now unnecessary and all that is needed is a tiny insertion point using a needle, or if only a small area needs correcting, a laser can be used that crosses the skin barrier invisibly. Today’s popular liposuction alternatives fall into two main categories, Mesotherapy and Thermage.

Two New Options: Mesotherapy and Thermage

The first branch, Mesotherapy, uses intricate biochemical reactions to create effective liposuction alternatives, that remove excess fat and eliminate cellulite. Mesotherapy relies upon a compound that is injected into fatty tissue with a small needle that contains enzymes and other chemicals. The compound breaks down lipids into liquids using simple biochemical reactions. Once broken down, the body cleanses the fluid out of the body on it’s own, naturally. Because the needle used is very small, it is one of the most gentle liposuction alternatives. Mesotherapy sessions are short, usually less than an hour long, and multiple sessions may be required for any given area. Only ten easy sessions can achieve the desired appearance. Prices range from $200 to $400 per session.

A second option, and also the least invasive of liposuction alternatives, is thermage. The thermage procedure relies upon a laser that dissolves fatty tissue immediately upon contact. The heated laster targets fatty tissues which lay under the skin, while also encouraging collagen growth. This growth makes the skin tighter, and removes cellulite too. Thermage is a non invasive alternative to traditional liposuction that many people prefer, because there are no injections, scarring risks, pain or soreness. Thermage is best suited for small areas that need correcting, such as the face or underarms. The prices are very reasonable, ranging from $1,500 to $3,000. Learn more about cosmetic surgery prices.

Non Traditional Liposuction Benefits

Many people are excited about non surgical liposuction alternatives, because they are less invasive and more affordable. The procedures are as attractive as the results; they offer less pain, no scarring, and low risks. If you think non surgical liposuction could be a good fit for you, seek out a local plastic surgeon who is board certified and explore your options today!

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