Tooth Bleaching: The Easy Way

Tooth Bleaching: The Easy Way

Do you miss your white smile? Well, it isn’t that difficult to get it back. Today, with the several whitening methods available, restoring the white color of your teeth is no big deal. Tooth bleaching is another such method of whitening which in turn helps you smile better.

FDA defines tooth bleaching and a cosmetic dental procedure that make your teeth appear extraordinarily white. So it’s pretty obvious that the method uses strong bleaching components like the compound peroxides.
On the other hand, whitening refers to a dental process of cleaning debris and dirt from the teeth. Therefore, any tooth cleaning product like toothpastes can be called dental whiteners.

There are a number of reasons that can cause discoloring of teeth; like dental hygiene, smoking, drinking, food habits, etc. Another very important factor that leads to staining of teeth is our growing age. The process of bleaching restores the pearly white color of your teeth, and helps you smile more confidently.
Different types of bleaching treatments are available in order to satisfy your time frame, budget and temperament.

If you don’t have the time to go to your dentist for bleaching sessions, then you can get one of those home-use bleaching kits and start the process at the earliest. The ‘at-home’ kits generally consist of whitening strips, paint on applicators and whitening gel. They cost something around 100 dollars. You can also go for the home use kits prepared by dentists for better results. These professionally prepared ‘at-home’ kits are usually more expensive than the ones bought from regular drug-stores.

Hydrogen peroxide being a very powerful agent can harm your teeth. Therefore it is important to make sure that the concentration does not have more than 40% hydrogen peroxide content in it.

The tooth bleaching methods are growing in popularity by the day; and are universally preferred by men and women alike. However, it is advisable that you consult your dentist before starting your tooth bleaching process. Once you have the green signal, you can start your bleaching program right away. Keep smiling!

Martin Elmer is the editor of Blegning af tænder. Here you can also read about Tandblegning.

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