Tips About Detox Dieting

Tips About Detox Dieting

Here are some simple basic tips about detoxing and doing a total body cleanse:

• The detox diet should be followed as a result of excess food after the holidays, periods when too much alcohol was consumed or after parties whose effects are felt in the body.

• A detoxification is made periodically at each change of season or every 6 months, spring and autumn.
• When you follow a detoxification diet you have to rest well because tiredness may occur. You definitely need to get a few days off or to follow the diet in a weekend

• The process of purifying the body must last no more than 2-3 days. Diets like the lemon detox diet must be followed under medical supervision.

• An aromatherapy or reflexology session, a warm bath with scents, sauna and massage can help amplify the beneficial effects of detoxification

• Drink plenty of plain water, fruit and vegetable juices, teas, at least 8 glasses of fluid per day, with small mouthfuls, every 10-15 minutes.

• You can prepare a fruit cocktail in a blender: a mix of apple, pineapple, watermelon, grapes, mangoes, peaches, plums, guavas. Mix the juice with 1-2 tablespoons of honey and drink it immediately.

• Eat foods rich in fiber. Foods rich in fiber are fresh fruits and vegetables, raw and unpeeled, dried fruit, whole bread, cereals, oats, brown rice and whole wheat crackers

• It is very important that after this period of detoxification to proceed with administration of vitamin and mineral supplements.

• Detox diet should not be followed for more than 3 days. Ask your doctor and do full set of tests before following a detox diet.

• Avoid alcohol, coffee, juices, soda, chocolate and cigarettes, sugar, some lactates

• Perform a detox diet before starting any weight loss solution because it will improve the results.

By flushing out most of the toxins form your body your health will benefit a lot. Just give it a try.

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