The Smart Way to Health

The Smart Way to Health

It was my third trip to the doctor’s office in a month. I had a host of minor complaints (they didn’t feel minor to me) and was starting to worry something serious was wrong. I was even anxious about my marriage. My doctor – who happens to be my best friend – sat and listened patiently, as he always does, but he was smiling slightly, so I began to think he wasn’t taking me seriously. Then he reached for his pad. I took his “prescription” and read, “Get a hot tub.” I looked up at him, shocked. “There’s nothing wrong with you except stress,” he said. It was true, all my tests were normal. “You’re young, you’re fit. You just need to relax.”

I started researching hot tubs that night. Many people don’t realize a hot tub is more than a luxury, it’s actually a powerful tool to keep your mind and body in the best possible health. Stress is a reality in this world, easy to come by – have you ever seen everyone in the room tense when a cell phone buzzes? – hard to get rid of at the end of the day. And as we all know, stress can affect the relationships in your life deeply, too. Are you easily irritated? Not in the mood after a hard day? It’s a common problem.

Hot tubs not only relax your body with all over warmth and a massage just the way you like it – letting your body detoxify – but there’s room enough for two. There’s nothing more intimate and more bonding than sharing a nightly, rejuvenating bath in the privacy of your own hot tub.

And another thing I realized. For what my doctor visits and massages cost, I could easily afford one. I followed my doctor’s prescription and guess what? Most of those mysterious aches and pains just vanished. I sleep better, feel better after exercise, and have more energy, too. I also stopped worrying about my marriage, with a new feeling of intimacy. It’s a beautiful addition to our home, too. Turns out my doctor had the right idea after all.

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