The Sleep Cycle – An Essential Part Of a Healthy Life

The Sleep Cycle - An Essential Part Of a Healthy Life

These days people are so much obsessed with loosing their weight and getting that nose job that you waited for so long but in fact forget one of the most important and fundamental factors of possessing a healthy life. It’s called the Sleep Cycle. Although the above activities are also as important as this since loosing weight, etc can certainly help to maintain a healthy body but still if you do not posses a decent knowledge concerning this matter and tend to ignore or care “less”, as the time goes on it can be the starting point of several other both physical and mental problems and even some serious disorder related issues also.

You really can’t force yourself into sleep unless you’re really tired. Habits are different from each individual and so as the time that you go to bed. But unless you know how to approach and make the most out of your bedtime you’d wake up in the morning after some long hours of sleep but still would feel tired and mentally weak (negative thoughts for instance). The amount or the time frame can be different according to the age of the individual. For an adult around 8 hours would be the ideal amount (according to researchers).

And try to make a habit out of your bedtime. And depending on your daily life (with work and etc) make the proper arrangements. Still because of this natural sleep cycle (biological clock) that we have hard encoded in to our Brain and Genes make sure not to wait after midnight. Anytime between 9-10 would be the best starting point. And if you have food related problem such as food obsession disorder make sure to get the proper medical treatment for that also. Over eating (at night – concerning this matter) is one of the most common enemies of having a healthy good night sleep. So make sure to have a “light” dinner.

Smoking and Alcohol are among the other enemies. So if you cannot fully let go of them, then at least try no use as low as (if non) you can before going to bed. Over drinking and smoking in the long run can also cause lung + throat related issues also. Some peaceful or relaxation music are among the most easily accessible methods. So before going to bed if you can maintain a positive mental attitude not only it’ll most definitely make it easier for the Brain to achieve the best possible deep states but also when you wake up you’ll certainly feel more energetic also. There are even sleep cycle alarm clock applications that can even be used on mobile phones and it’ll make sure to wake you at the most appropriate level.

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