The HTP Heel Seats Product

The HTP Heel Seats are products that work to relieve the foot pain as quick as possible, reverse progressing condition, and prevent future outbreaks. This is through applying acupressure directly beneath the pain hot-spots. It is a relief for heel pain by redistributing the heel’s natural fat pad and increasing the density and heel cushioning ability. This product provides natural structural reinforcement to prevent partial collapse of the middle foot. It is an affordable heel suffering aid. If you are suffering from heel problems then this would be a better start to ease those pains.

HTP is clinically approved to heal foot pains by correcting the actual disorders that caused the onset of pain and prevents the reoccurrence of heel spurs, or heel pain. What if the pain is severe, can this heel seat still cure? The answer is a big yes. This product has been developed very long to be perfect and working. It is effective in any mere pain or even the severe ones for it is made to heal all foot pain cases. This HTP Heel Seats are made from kraton which is specially researched to meet stringent anatomical specifications. These are washable and durable to be used for a long term means of heel healing.

Features of HTP Heel Seats:

  1. Provides just the right amount of support without interfering with the fit of your shoe for maximum comfort.
  2. Applies continuous, localized acupressure directly beneath the heel hot-spot.
  3. Fasciitis Bar helps re-stretch the plantar fascia and provides natural structural reinforcement to prevent collapse of the middle foot.

The HTP Seats should be cleansed by a hand wash with mild and soapy water and it should be dried by a piece of cloth. Important thing also to be considered is that this product is not recommended for people with diabetes or those with poor circulations and for further explanation consults a doctor and asks for guidance in this matter. It is always wise to asks for prescription from those of the position to prescribe what is best for your health to avoid mistakes that would lead to a worse scenario.

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