The History Of The London Marathon

The History Of The London Marathon

On a scorching day in 1908, the history of the London Marathon began with no set limits and the spectators viewed it more as a freak show. These onlookers lined the streets to watch the men who put on their nike trainers and would push themselves to unbelievable limits. The route was just short of twenty-five miles and continued until the Olympic games of the same year when the Royal family officially made it twenty-six miles.

With the marathon being part of the Olympics and the Royal family setting the limits, the anticipation was high. Some parts regarding this race were more exciting than expected, especially when the actual winner was disqualified. The frenzy that followed lasted for decades and the marathon was referred to as “man killer.”

Today, there is a new history of the London Marathon by a former Steeplechase champion who witnessed the wonder of the New York Marathon. After returning to London, he aimed to create the same atmosphere there and get the community involved. By setting up a charity committee, he was able to obtain a sponsor that enabled the first race to be run in 1981.

This first marathon had a modest amount of runners, with approximately eight thousand participants. Each year the numbers grew and now this is the largest marathon in the world. In fact, it has gotten so large, that there have been a maximum number of participants permitted. The largest recorded attendance was approximately a half million people which amounts to a lot of pairs of mens trainers!.

The history of the London Marathon is very interesting and can be quite revealing about times of old. There are many stories surrounding the first marathon, many of which are exaggerated but entertaining. Comparing the origins of the London marathon and what it has become can have surprising results that might just be interesting as well.

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