The Health Benefits of Jump Rope Exercise Routines

The Health Benefits of Jump Rope Exercise Routines

Although it’s a basic exercise jumping rope is an important part of the warm up routines of many agility sports. Gymnasts and boxers are probably the first types of athletes that come to mind when thinking about jump rope workouts, but many other athletes use jumping rope to increase their endurance and keep in shape. Most of us jumped rope as children, and now we can recapture that fun and us it to get fit as adults. You may have played complicated jumping games as a child and there are many different ways you can jump rope now that you are grown up. It doesn’t have to be boring jumping rope, you can incorporate tricks such as rope spinning, knee raises, backwards and forwards jumping and maneuvers into your workout routine.

This type of exercise is great for increasing cardio vascular health and takes just a few minutes a day to achieve a good level of fitness. You will increase both endurance and strength by making jumping rope a part of your exercise routine.

At the beginning of a workout you should start slowly and steadily by starting with doing basic jumps. Allow a few minutes to warm up before increasing speed and jumping at our maximum rate. try a few tricks after this to provide more interest and to workout different muscle groups. there are many different variations you can try such as jumping and bringing your knees up to your chest or swinging the rope to both sides sequentially. Finish with some basic jumping at a fast rate then slow down and cool off before stopping completely. You can also increase the effectiveness of the exercise by using weighted jump ropes which can be bought in progressively increasing weights.

Another way to vary your routine is to incorporate jump rope dance or games. Finding a friend to exercise with is also a good way to stay motivated and have fun at the same time.

Benefits of jumping rope

  • You can jump rope almost anywhere that you have enough space in which to swing a rope.
  • You can pack up your jump rope when you travel and exercise in your hotel room.
  • Jump ropes are cheap and last a long time.
  • Jumping rope is fun!
  • Jumping rope will increase endurance, tone muscles and is great for cardio vascular health.

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