The Benefits Of Acidophilus Supplements

The Benefits Of Acidophilus Supplements

Acidophilus supplements are supplements of a healthy bacteria found in the intestinal region of the body.  Acidophilus is a kind of bacteria that is very beneficial.  To understand how it can help, you should first understand a few things about bacteria and the human body.  Not all bacteria are bad.  There are two main kinds of bacteria present in the digestive system.  One is found present in the mouth, stomach, and intestines.  This bacterium, Lactobacillus acidophilus, is a kind of good bacteria that helps produce enzymes for the digestion of food.  It also helps to limit the conditions that allow bad bacteria to fester and grow.

Many things can limit the amount of these good bacteria in your body.  Things like stress and unhealthy eating habits, excess of sugar in your diet, processed foods, etc. can cause an imbalance in the ratio of good to bad bacteria.  This can cause stomach problems, indigestion, yeast infections and other problems.  Something else that disturbs the proper balance of bacteria is antibiotics.  Apart from killing the bad bacteria, antibiotics also kill the bacteria that your digestive system relies upon.   That is why your doctor will also subscribe acidophilus supplements along with any intensive antibiotic plan, to replace to good bacteria.

Carefully follow doctors’ instructions when feeding acidophilus supplements to children.  Usually children with a yeast infection or digestive problems can take more according to the doctor’s advice.  The supplement should be taken in moderation, like all supplements.   Too much of any medicine can be a bad thing, so listen to the advice of your doctor and let him decide what is best for your body.   The supplement is also found in many natural products.  Fermented milk products like yogurt are very high in acidophilus bacteria and are a good thing to eat to get a healthy dose of the bacteria.

The Acidophilus Supplement Guide is a repository for research into the benefits of probiotics, with a focus on evidence based health benefits.

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