The addiction of chocolate bar ingredients

The addiction of chocolate bar ingredients

There are few people in this world who don’t like chocolate. Your girlfriend will be smiling if you were to buy her a box of chocolates. If your child sees a chocolate on the shelf he or she will probably create quite a performance until he starts to sink his teeth into a bar. I think most of us love Easter because we can have chocolate for breakfast and there is nothing better than a dessert pizza with trimmings of chocolate ingredients on top. As awful as that might sound to some it is actually a favorite in many places around the world.

So what is it then in the chocolate bar ingredients that makes us come back for more. The same effect does not seem to happen over a chicken fillet. We know when we have had enough chicken! Research has shown that chocolate has the same effects in a much milder way that marijuana has on the body. These are the effects of the chemicals that are used in the chocolate and creates a slight addiction from the brain.

There is good chocolate and there is bad chocolate. It is important to check the chocolate ingredients label when buying chocolate. Chocolate can be healthy in moderation, closer to its natural form, but when it comes to the cheaper chocolate, using ingredients like oil and a lot of sugar you will know that is just adding to the calories of your day.

There is always an ongoing debate as to how healthy chocolate is. It would be best  to take it back to where ingredients to make chocolate came from. We know the origin of chocolate was once a fruit tree and that was its healthy form, but as soon as it starts being processed then everything changes. So it will all come down to moderation and good quality in regards to questioning nutrition and addiction.

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