The 5 different types of sit-up benches

This article is about the different types of sit-up benches. If you want to invest in a bench to train your abs, it’s worth looking into the different ones first to find the right type for you.

To help you do just that, have a look at the different types of sit-up benches:

An adjustable sit up bench

In my eyes, this is the best type of sit-up bench there is. The adjustable sit-up bench can adjusts to be either flat or at an incline. You can also do other exercises on a flat sit-up bench, like upright rows (for your back), shoulder press (for your shoulders) and tricep extensions.

The roman chair sit up bench

The roman chair sit-up bench is completely different from the other sit-up benches. You support yourself on your arms while bringing your legs into your chest to target your lower and upper abs. Some people may find it hard to do the exercise especially those people who are weak in the upper body or who has weak abs.

The folding sit up bench

The folding sit-up bench is excellent for when you are short on space. It can be folded to be packed away in a cupboard or any other storage space when not in use.

The curved sit up bench

The curved sit-up bench snugly curves to support the hollow of your back as you lie down on it. It is an excellent choice for when you have back problems.

Decline and incline sit up benches

An decline or an incline sit-up bench is tilted to an angle (either up or down) and it makes the sit-up exercises more challenging. You can also do different exercises depending on whether your sit-up bench are in an incline or a decline position.

Hopefully has my article helped you to find the perfect type of sit-up bench for you.If you do decide to invest in one, please make sure to use it often.  Aero Pilates is also an excellent exercise you can try out if you want flat abs.

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