Buying the Right Lobster Tennis Ball Machine for You

The Lobster Tennis company has been manufacturing tennis ball machines for over 20 years and has developed solid, portable, battery operated tennis ball machines that range from simple to complex. And because of the differences and different options on each one, each machine is designed for a different type of tennis player. And because each…  [continue reading] 


What is Arthroscopic Tennis Elbow Surgery?

For most people who suffer from tennis elbow, tennis elbow surgery could be one of their options in freeing themselves from the insufferable pain that they are experiencing. However, tennis elbow surgery is not the only available means in order to free oneself from this condition. Most doctors take into consideration the first and simple…  [continue reading] 


The Tennis Elbow Brace, Does It Really Help?

Even though a tennis elbow brace is one of the simplest ways applied to treat tennis elbow, it actually provides comfort and relief for those who suffer from this condition. It is not only worn for relief and protection, but at the same time it provides a soothing effect to the injured part of the…  [continue reading] 


About Men’s Tennis Apparel

In the 1930′s Bunny Austin broke out and started wearing tennis shorts and while the framework of men’s tennis shorts hasn’t changed to a great extent since their introduction, the styles, colors and functionality certainly has changed. In the early days all players wore long trousers and sweaters that were all approved by the rules…  [continue reading] 


Great tips for Tennis Elbow

Tennis is a great individual sport. It provides you with a great whole body workout and it is actually a fine way to get in tiptop shape. However, this game also puts a huge amount of strain on the body, especially on the elbow and arm. If you are an avid tennis player, all of…  [continue reading]