Sugar and Coffee Addiction in Today’s Society

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In today’s society, people are addicted to many things. Many people are addicted to drugs or alcohol, but those people are only a small percentage of the population as a whole. What about the far more large scale problem people have with seemingly harmless things like addiction to sugar, or addiction to coffee?

Most people who live in western societies like the United States or Canada are truly addicted to sugar without even knowing it. If you feel that this is not true for you, try proving it to yourself by giving up sugar for an entire week. Think you can do it? Remember to check those food labels, because unbeknown to many, sugar is everywhere. It is in your coffee in the morning, in your cereal at breakfast, in your salad dressing at lunch, in your bread, in pizza, as well as most of the condiments you use at every meal. Even if you had the discipline to give up sugar for an entire week, afterward you would most likely go back to consuming it as usual.
Coffee is another product that is often abused by people in this day and age. For most hard working people, the caffeine in coffee is a welcome jolt in the morning hours. It helps them get their day started. But for many, that is just the beginning of a vicious cycle. They will spend most of their day getting another cup every few hours until the day is through. Coffee stimulates a persons central nervous system, making them feel unnaturally alert for a short period of time. This induced caffeine high tends to inhibit many of the body’s other natural functions which will lead to a person feeling stressed by the end of the day.

Both sugar addiction and coffee addiction have withdrawal symptoms which include irritability, depression, and fatigue. If you are starting to realize after reading this that you may be consuming too much of either sugar or coffee, try to cut down. Start small to begin with, and aim to ingest as little of both sugar and coffee as you can.

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