So many good reasons to wear thermal underwear – sports,work and play

So many good reasons to wear thermal underwear - sports,work and play

Nobody likes being cold, but for many of us there is no other way. If you work outdoors or maybe even indoors in a warehouse, or play an extreme sport, then you are at the mercy of the weather a lot of the time. You probably know how important it is to dress warm to avoid strains, sprains and colds.

Thermal underwear can be a great way to keep the body heat in and the cold out. Thermals have come a long way since the scratchy long johns you might remember your father or grandfather wearing out to work – although wool is still considered the best material, modern carding methods and blending with other fibers means that thermal underwear tops and bottoms are smooth, sleek and comfortable.

Did you know that thermals do more than just keep warmth in? Although insulating is very important, a good set of clothing won on the skin needs to be able to breath as well – that is , to allow moisture to evaporate from your skin. It might sound ridiculous, but thermal underwear can actually help you stay cool in some cases. If you sweat from hard activity and get quite warm, the cloth of the underwear will wick the moisture away form you skin, and cause you to cool down as this moisture evaporates. For this very reason many elite athletes, as well as many professionals who work in the field never go out without a layer of good quality thermal underwear on.

What should you look for when you buy? As mentioned, fine wool is still the best material for thermals, but cotton and acrylic thermals are a lot cheaper. If you need the best you will have to spend a few extra dollars, but for the average person cotton is the best choice for good value.

If you are going to need to wear the clothes every day you will need several sets – if you can, try to find a bulk pack of 3-5 tops and bottoms to save money.

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