Simple Cardio Routines to Do At-Home

Simple Cardio Routines to Do At-Home

In order for a particular routine to be called a cardio exercise, it needs to be able to speed up your rate. These types of exercises are great not only because they can help you lose tons of your excess weight fast, but also because these routines can help improve your entire well being.

A lot of people like to perform their cardio routines at fitness clubs and gyms, but you may find that you don’t have the luxury of time or money to hit the gym. In this case, you may prefer find that you prefer doing your workouts in the privacy and convenience of your own home. In that case, here are some simple, yet effective exercises that can help you get fit and fabulous without ever leaving your house. Here are great ways for you to do cardio exercises at home .

Skip Rope

The only thing you will need to perform this is a skipping rope and ample space. One great thing about this activity is that skipping rope is really cheap and you can purchase a good quality jump rope practically anywhere. Do this for at least twenty to thirty minutes if you want to achieve the full benefits of your workout. You can start off slow while you gradually increase your momentum and time.

Squat Thrust

This is one of the best home exercise routines and it will help you get in optimal shape in no time. Start off by standing upright. Quickly go down in a push up position and then kick both of your feet back simultaneously. Return back to the push up position and then spring back up. Repeat the entire procedure. This will have you panting and gasping for air in no time.

Step Exercise

This routine you require that you have access to some stairs. But you can also do this exercise using a small stool or even a sturdy crate. (Just make sure that the stool or crate is sturdy and stable — you don’t want it to wobble or break!) Start off by placing one leg on top of the elevated platform, then step up with the other one. Step off the same manner, one leg at a time. Then repeat, starting with the opposite leg that you used the first time. Remember to build up your pace so that you can maximize your cardio workout.

Give these techniques a try and you’ll be getting a solid cardio workout in not time!

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