Self Defense Tips: How to Defend Yourself in an Attack

Self Defense Tips: How to Defend Yourself in an Attack

Most women today are fearful of how they would handle themselves in an attack. The thought of a mugging or sexual assault can send a woman into a state of panic and unable to defend herself. Learning basic self defense techniques can prepare women of any age to better protect themselves in the event they are attacked.

Being ready to defend yourself can be crucial to fighting off an assailant. Follow these steps to prepare for the approach of an attacker and what to do once an attack has begun.

1. Accept the situation

It is possible that you may be hurt in the event of an attack. Try to stay calm and focus on staying alive to escape the situation. This is one of the best self defense techniques and why practice is important in being prepared.

2. Be physically ready

Tuck long hair or a ponytail into the back of your shirt so your assailant can’t grab it. Stand with your feet apart and hands in front of you, ready to strike.

3. Take inventory of your belongings

If you have anything in your possession that can be used as a weapon, use it. Anything else your assailant wants to take from you he can have. Material things can be replaced, lives cannot.

4. Yell for help

Be as loud and specific as you can. Single out a person near you and tell them to call the police. Tell them you are being attacked. If no one is near you, continue yelling anyway. It is possible that someone you may not see can hear you.

5. Concentrate on your attackers weak spots

Eyes, ears, nose, throat and groin are generally left open when someone is attacking you. Don’t be afraid to attack him right back. Go after him with the same tenacity that he has attacking you.

6. Make your escape

To sexually assault you or take something from you, your assailant will eventually have to let go of you to grab what he wants. When this happens use your free limb to do as much damage as possible. With your hands strike the face eyes, nose and throat. With your leg, knee him in the groin or kick him in the shins.

Attackers often pick their victims because they see them as a vulnerable target. Being vulnerable does not mean that a woman has to allow herself to be attacked without putting up a fight. It is every woman’s right to protect herself from unwanted advances. Self-defense strategies can not only stop an attack but they can also save your life.

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