How many calories do you burn running?

Calories Burned Running for Women (and Men Too!)

Running is a great way to get in shape and burn some calories. All you need are running shoes and some outdoor space or a treadmill. But did you know women burn more calories than men? Use the charts to find YOUR calorie burn.  [continue reading] 

Anita: Maximum Control Extreme Control No Wire Sports Bra

3 Easy Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Sports Bra

A bra, especially a sports bra that sees frequent use, should never reach its first birthday. This milestone can cause a lot of problems as you work out. Although most women don’t think much about their sports bra, wearing one that’s worn out can lead to breast pain, keeping you away from the gym. To…  [continue reading] 


How The Emergence of GPS Watches Changed The Running World

GPS watches are sports watches that have the marvels of GPS technology built into them, enabling them to accurately track speed, distance and sometimes elevation above sea level. There are many ways that speed and distance can offer an athlete significant benefits in terms of tracking and analyzing their performances. With the power of speed…  [continue reading] 


The Benefits of Aerobic Fitness Exercises

If you’re looking to keep fit then one of the best ways that you can do this is through aerobic fitness exercises. These are effective because they work your heart and lungs that help to build your endurance and stamina. There are many aerobic exercises that you can choose from for example, popular ones are…  [continue reading] 


Wide running shoes for women – Really Comfortable!

Maybe you’ve wondered why ladies could buy wide running shoes for women. C size is presumed to be a size that doesn’t go for women. It’s true: not all women can wear these, but many of them have a greater than average foot-size. This could be perhaps for genetic reasons or a foot injury, which led to the irregular shape of the foot. It may also be due to increased weight, or because of pregnancy. Here are some…  [continue reading] 


The running shoes for women that go with your feet

If you are a serious about your running activities and you are shopping for a new pair of sneakers, you will have to find a shoe store dedicated to girls. The idea of going to a sport shop that sells general sport gears may not be the best option. Most retail outlets will be running…  [continue reading] 


Three Advantages of the Electric Treadmill

The electric treadmill is a great invention that allows many people to live a more rich and balanced life. While there are immense long-term health benefits, many people overlook the benefits that a good treadmill workout brings us right now. Here are some of the advantages of an electric treadmill: 1) Easy to use. The…  [continue reading] 


Exercise and Fitness are the Top Benefits of Running

The benefits of running are numerous. Running is a sport that is accessible to nearly everyone and can be done almost any time day or night, almost any place in the world. Whether you are at home or traveling on the go, there is little equipment required beyond a decent pair of running shoes, and…  [continue reading] 


Treadmills – Running For Your Life

With the health industry increasing greatly through the most recent years, staying in shape became quite popular. Portable treadmills are a great way to monitor and keep track of your performance. With digital options, you can literally know how much calories you burn and how far you ran. One of the great things about having…  [continue reading] 


Avoid Purchasing Lousy Cheap Treadmills

Treadmills are great for exercising. They allow you to run, jog, and walk in the privacy of your own home on a comfortable surface. If you’re thinking about getting a cheap treadmill to use at home you should be careful and do a little bit of research before you make any purchasing decisions. Just because…  [continue reading] 


Choosing Your Brooks Running Shoe Based on Your Foot Type

Whether you run for fun or competitions, you need to wear the right shoes intended for running. However, there are several Brooks running shoes sold in the market. Each of them has different designs, colors and purposes that might overwhelm a regular and uninformed buyer. Among the immense variety of running shoes available, how would…  [continue reading] 


What Type of Training do you need to be Healthy?

In essence, there are two types of training, aerobic and anaerobic. To be healthy and feel good in your shoes you need to incorporate a little bit of both. Basically the most common form of anaerobic training is weight training done in the gym or at your home. In spite of what many people think…  [continue reading] 


What Are Treadmills?

What are treadmills? Generally speaking, treadmills are man-made exercise machines used to help a person achieve a running or walking motion while staying put in one place. The word treadmill itself has its beginnings from the term mill, an apparatus operated by either a human being or an animal by using a treading motion or…  [continue reading] 


Why Buy Triathlon Shorts?

If you’re training for one of the toughest things you’ll ever do, don’t you think you should get the gear that will make it a little bit easier? If you make sure you get the right shorts, the only thing you need to worry about once you hit that starting line is giving it your…  [continue reading] 


Monitoring Your Fitness Goals with a Polar F11

When you are enjoying the outdoors, it is important to have the proper equipment to monitor your heart rate and keep track of your workouts.  Whether you are hiking an untamed mountain or biking through man made trails, Polar F11 watches help you listen to your body while improving your fitness level, all while having…  [continue reading] 


Why Is It Important To Wear Running Spikes?

If you are serious about athletics and competitive running races, you have probably heard of running spikes. Unless you are experienced and have already raced in them, you might not understand the importance of using a pair of these spiked running shoes. They are basically designed to offer you the best grip possible when running…  [continue reading] 


Choosing The Right Running Shoes

Running is not as easy a sport as some people think. Runners get their leg joints worked hard, as well as their feet. That is why good running shoes should provide care for the feet and the joints instead of hurting them. Read on to find out how to select a pair of running shoes…  [continue reading] 


Top 4 Best Selling Girls Running Shoes

Need help choosing the perfect girls running shoes?  Listed below are the top 4 best selling girls running shoes from  If other customers are finding them to be a great deal, you probably will as well. #1 New Balance Little Kid/Big Kid KV686 KO Hybrid Running Shoe There are quite a few New Balance…  [continue reading] 


3 Of The Best New Balance Mens Running Shoes

Getting the right type of running shoe is critical because it will allow for more comfort, as well as an easier running routine. You will want to get something that fits your foot well and also offers excellent breathing for your foot. You will also want something that you don’t dread putting on every time…  [continue reading] 


Lose weight by running

Nearly everyone would love to lose a few pounds. Many people try one fad diet after another to help them loss weight. However, many people overlook the exercise portion of weight loss. Exercise is not only good for weight loss, but it will also greatly improve your overall health, especially your cardiovascular system. One of…  [continue reading]