Top 2012 Fitness Apps

Best Fitness Apps of 2012

Sweat it out to the most popular and promising technology of the year. We’re only 2 months into the New Year and already gym numbers are dwindling, yoga classes have ample mat space, and spin classes are feeling the absence of too many cyclists. No more excuses—you can’t be too busy, too tired, or just…  [continue reading] 

Your New Breville Juicer

A juicer or juice extractor is a machine designed to extract the juice from fruits and vegetables … and sometimes, grasses and herbs.  During the juicing process, the cellulose barriers of the produce are broken down releasing the extremely beneficial nutrients and enzymes within these fruits and vegetables.  The resulting juice is packed full of…  [continue reading] 


What Does A Mini Exercise Bike Cost?

The mini exercise bike can be purchased for as low as $18.95. This bike is designed to give people an opportunity to exercise in their office or in their home on a machine that is very small and compact. This exercise increases mobility in the joints and range of motion, helps builds strength and increases…  [continue reading] 


Reviewing the Sportcraft Treadmill

Started in 1926, the Sportcraft Company has been a solid supplier of high quality exercise equipment for home use. The company has taken the lead and provided constant innovations in the field of indoor sports. The Sportcraft treadmill was another one of those genuine ideas. The Sportcraft treadmill is a top of the line product…  [continue reading] 


Insightful review of the Aero Pilates machine

The Aero Pilates machine seems to have it all. But does it? And will it fulfill your every Pilates machine need?  [continue reading] 


Tips for Succeeding with Nutrisystem Diets

It’s probably one of the most popular diet plans that you’ll ever have delivered to your door, but for a number of first time customers of Nutrisystem, there can be a few things that surprise you if you’re not prepared for them. There is nothing major to concern yourself over, but it helps to know…  [continue reading] 


Ellen Crofts Supreme Pilates – The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Ellen Crofts Supreme Pilates machine are one of a kind. It has a body and set up that is unlike no other. It also has lots other things that sets it apart. But don’t think that the Supreme Pilates machine are superior in all ways, it also has its bad points. Let’s have a look…  [continue reading] 


Monitoring Your Fitness Goals with a Polar F11

When you are enjoying the outdoors, it is important to have the proper equipment to monitor your heart rate and keep track of your workouts.  Whether you are hiking an untamed mountain or biking through man made trails, Polar F11 watches help you listen to your body while improving your fitness level, all while having…  [continue reading]