Reviewing the Sportcraft Treadmill

Reviewing the Sportcraft Treadmill

Started in 1926, the Sportcraft Company has been a solid supplier of high quality exercise equipment for home use. The company has taken the lead and provided constant innovations in the field of indoor sports. The Sportcraft treadmill was another one of those genuine ideas. The Sportcraft treadmill is a top of the line product in which the company has invested both time and the funds necessary to research the market, discover the needs, and create such innovative designs. The product range comes in 8 models each model created for a specific need and budget.

The leader of this product line is the proud TX300. This is a home exercise machine created to fit the pockets of small budget people. The TX300 is the first model of its kind created by the company and it still sells even better than the other workout machines in the range. The machine has a 3 window LCD display which can be reprogrammed constantly by the person willing to work out on it. The machine possesses three incline levels which need to be set manually by the owner but they are designed to offer variety and provide a challenge when executing a workout.

The newer model, called the TX400 comes with almost the same features plus a power punching 2.25 horse powered motor, a little bit bigger than the previous 2 horse power motor existent on the previous model. The incline is no longer manual but motorized and this makes it easier for the user to change the levels through simply pushing one button. The machine can also be set incrementally adding 3 extra incline options to the mix.

The best seller of the product line is entitled the TX420. This model is a wide 4 window LED display with 4 pre-set programs and a deck which is about 10% bigger than at the other models. It displays the time, distance traveled, speed, number of calories you have burned and ships with a 10 year old warranty for the frame, the back of the motor, as well as the rollers and the deck.

The Sportcraft treadmill is a guaranteed lifetime investment in creating health and a well sculpted body that everyone will admire. It will also be a fine addition to any other fitness or aerobic equipment you may already possess increasing the number of exercise options you will have for doing cardio.

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