Quit Smoking Hypnosis

Due to recent changes to current tax laws, more and more taxes are being applied to cigarettes and tobacco.  Because of this, the cost of smoking is increasing each and every day and thus it’s been made very difficult for consumers to continue the horrible habit of smoking.  Tobacco causes more people to die each year than deaths on our roads.  Lung cancer, throat cancer, toe cancer – by smoking dead tobacco leaves you are in a high risk bracket in contracting these forms of cancer and those that smoke should take note.  The horrible forms of cancer that are promoted through smoking should be enough to make anyone quit, sadly they don’t.   However with the rise of cigarette costs as well as the increased knowledge base concerning what smoking actually does to the body, more people are looking for means to end the habit.  The stats show that only 5% of people quit if they only use the cold turkey method to quit.  And it’s because of this that people are considering alternative means to stop smoking.

A method that is getting a lot of attention at the moment is hypnosis and hypnotherapy.  Many people are choosing hypnosis as a means to end their addiction because it is a natural means to move beyond the smoking habit.  No pills, no cravings, no withdrawals, no side effects.  It seems so simple.  Go see a hypnotherapist to stop smoking and that’s it, the addiction is over.  For most people it isn’t this simple.  Hypnosis can be a magic pill for some to stop smoking but for most it does require a little bit more work.  There might still be cravings and the like, but certainly they are much easier to be dealt with a hypnosis component. The reason is of course is that hypnosis trains the unconscious mind allowing it to work in unison with the conscious desires of the individual in question.  If you’re struggling to give up smoking, why not give hypnotherapy a go?

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