Quick Ways to Lose Your Belly Fat

Quick Ways to Lose Your Belly Fat

Both women and men have problems with weight gain around their belly, especially as they get older.  But the biggest problem with gaining weight around your midsection is that it is actually very harmful for you. Not only is it uncomfortable but it can increase your risk for heart attacks and can also be a precursor of heart disease. Therefore it is very important, if you find you are gaining weight around your midsection, to really look for ways to lose it.

Usually, the reason for gaining weight is simple. It comes from eating more calories than you can effectively burn off throughout the day. Thus, eating high calorie, high carbohydrate foods is almost guaranteed to cause you to gain weight.  Weight gain can also be influenced by genetics, with some  people having a natural tendency to gain weight regardless of what they eat. Genetics also plays a role in determining where the fat is deposited around the body.

Insulin plays a major role in what happens to the sugars you ingest daily.  As it is not good for anyone to have too much sugar in their bloodstream, the insulin forces extra sugar that arrives in your bloodstream into the cells where it is converted into energy. If you have taken in more sugar than is needed for your current energy needs, it is converted to fat and stored up for a rainy day instead. Unfortunately if you are constantly taking in more sugar than your body needs, those fat stores are being added to daily.

Here are some diet tips that will help you fight fat storage around your belly.

Fat Burning Workouts: Exercise is very important if you are wanting to lose weight, no matter where the fat is deposited. Thirty minutes of vigorous exercise each day will definitely make a difference. Try bicycling, jogging, pace walking, or take up a favorite sport.

Food to Include: Make sure to eat a salad twice a day, with your mid and evening meals. This will provide you with vitamins and roughage which will clean out your digestive system.  Also remember to eat around five servings of fruits and vegetables each day, for the same reason.

Beware of too much salt and sugar: Too much of either of these items is not helpful to your body. Salt causes water retention, sugar converts to calories.

By following these simple tips, and drinking a lot of water throughout the day, you should soon begin to see your fat belly disappearing.

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