Probiotics Side Effects – The Inner Healers

Probiotics Side Effects - The Inner Healers

Probiotics can be considered our body’s internal doctors as they not only provide us with nutritional benefits but go beyond that to nutritional care. These good bacteria help our body strike a healthy balance in both our digestive and immune system. Lack thereof would result in certain illnesses that will affect one’s general well being. Though research has also established some very mild probiotic side effects, the good they do to our body far outmatches those of some minor side effects.

Dr. Casey Adams, one of America’s renowned pioneering alternative health Guru whose work on probiotics have been published many times over, has thoroughly researched on the positive effects of this good bacteria and its vital role in our body’s immune system processes. He further adds that one’s body is innately endowed with over 32 billion good and bad bacteria and these good bacteria counters the negative effects of their bad counterparts. A proper apprehension on the importance of probiotics in our overall health and well being especially in its capacity to protect our body from harmful bacteria that may put us at the risk of numerous diseases is highly relevant.

It was in latter part of the past century when microbiologists first identified a certain beneficial micro flora in our gastrointestinal pathways. These discovered microorganisms will be more popularly known as probiotics, the good and friendly bacteria, and these marked the beginning of more research and studies on these helpful microorganisms. Mounting curiosity on the seemingly endless benefits of probiotics grows even stronger as the research progresses. Moreover, the World Health Organization regards probiotics to be one of the body’s most significant immunity defense mechanism.

Numerous positive effects have been attributed to probiotics as evidenced by science. These benefits range from reducing inflammations to helping our body cope with infectious diarrhea, lactose intolerance, irritable bower syndrome (IBS) and improve constipation as well as assist in our body’s assimilation of vital nutrients.

As we learn more about probiotics, the more scientists thinks of ways for our body’s to sufficiently acquire them. Including them in our regular diet can ensure that these good bacteria will always be present to look after our body’s defenses. They are commonly found in most fermented and dairy products like soft cheeses, buttermilk, cream cheese and yogurt, soy products like tempeh and miso, kimchi, and other juice drinks.

As we grow older, the more we need to build up on our immunity and digestion and probiotics helps create this perfect synergy in our body.

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