Power Racks

Power Racks

Many of us have a gym membership but dislike the fact that we are constantly having to wait for equipment to become free. The answer lies in having a home gym and one of the best possible buys for safety and for training alone is a power rack.

There are a number of cheap power racks for sale but one stands out above the rest and reading a few Powerline PPR200X reviews you will see why. It is sturdy as well as able to be used for a wide range of movements because of its good width and height.

But, let’s look at the advantages of power racks in general:

Training with weights at home can be dangerous. If we do not have a spotter then we need to ensure there is no risk of dropping weights on the floor or on ourselves. A power rack solves these problems. What we will find is that we have adjustable bars that can lowered or raised depending on what exercise we are performing. Then we are sure that as we lower the bar we are using to train with it can only drop to a certain point. It will then be caught by the rack ensuring our safety.

In this way we are able to train with total confidence and peace of mind. We can bench press safely and lower the bear when finished. This is much safer than a traditional bench press rack where we have to raise the bar on to the rack. This is very dangerous as if we have finished a tiring set or gone to complete failure we are unable to raise the bar and can get stuck. Power racks allow us to train to failure and even to negative failure which is at the heart of building maximum size and strength with weights.

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  1. Aaron P. says:

    Thanks for sharing. It’s important to get some deeper knowledge before trying or buying fitness equipment. Like I didn’t know that with power racks one can adjust the height so as to lower the risk of damage or injury in case the equipment falls. Keep sharing more info!

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