Posture Brace

Posture Brace

For those of us who suffer from poor posture, certain aspects of life can be painful and unpleasant.   When you experience poor posture for months or years, the resulting stresses this applies to your body can be a major cause of pain, back disorders and reduced productivity.  Thankfully, proactive diagnosis and treatment of poor posture can prevent or reverse these issues.

So, what exactly is ‘poor posture’?  Basically it is when body parts are not aligned in the optimal way, which causes increased strain in the musculature and skeletal support systems of the body.  The increased strain mentioned is the cause of many adverse side effects.

Spine Problems

One of the major consequences of poor posture is issues with your spine.  Spine issues can be a result of lifting with improper posture, or alternatively due to habitual hunching.  Spine problems can be related to muscle, joint and ligament degeneration.  Sometimes posture corrective braces are utilized to assist in rectifying spine problems caused by bad posture.


If you have bad posture, there is a very good change you suffer from neck or back pain.  This is often experience if you suffer from poor posture due to slouching while sitting or standing.  Many people also assume unhealthy ‘posture’ when lying on sofas or sleeping in bed.  Any of these items can cause persistent low level neck and back pain.


When your posture is poor, your muscles will be fatigued due to the need of your body to – in effect – hold yourself vertical despite your subconscious efforts to make it difficult!  This unnecessary work, and energy depleted to maintain these muscles, can result in premature tiredness as you go about your day.

Most of these symptoms of Poor Posture can be addressed through consultation with a medical professional and evaluating whether a posture corrective brace may assist you.

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