Plyometric Exercises for Optimum Power

Plyometric Exercises for Optimum Power

If you are like many basketball players out there who are looking for tips and tricks on how to boost your jump height, then there is no better option than plyometric training exercises. Plyometric exercises are your very best choice for you to boost your game and take to it to the highest possible level. In this article you will find a couple of plyometric exercises that will enable you to drive that ball into the hoop with finesse and force. So, read on…

There are basically four types of exercises that you will need to perform: they are push ups, swinging, bounding and squats.

Push Ups

The push ups that you need to perform are a bit different than the basic push ups that you have been accustomed to doing. In this push up variation, you need to push as fast and as hard as you possibly can in order to launch your upper body up into the air. You can do this with hands wide apart or a bit close together – it doesn’t matter. However, you need to be aware that this variation to your regular push ups is extremely tiring and you also need to be properly warmed up before you start this routine.

Swinging with an Exercise Ball

With this routine, you will need an exercise ball. The objective of this routine is to empower your upper body and build your core muscles. Start by lifting a heavy exercise ball over your head and then drive it down onto the floor with all of your might. Do this for a couple of reps.


This is basically easy, but very tiring. To do this, simply stand straight on one leg and leap forward in an explosive manner. Do the same with your other leg. With each jump aim to leap higher and farther.


This is the best of all the how to jump higher exercises. One variation that you can do is called the “pistol” or simply the one legged squat. This will surely strengthen and empower your lower body.

Give these techniques a try an you’ll soon find yourself jumping higher than ever!

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