Pinched Nerve In The Shoulder

Often people will complain of having a pinched nerve, but are not exactly sure what it means. The first complaint that you hear is of a pinched nerve in the shoulder. This is not correct, however what they mean is actually very painful.  Anything in the area can compress a nerve, muscles, tendons, bones and even cartilage. You can get a nerve that is pinched in the actual shoulder region, however usually it is being compressed somewhere else.  Usually it is coming from the cervical area, which is the place around your neck.  If you have got a compressed nerve in this region you will often feel the symptoms in your shoulder.   This is not always the case, however it is something to look out for, as it can be mistaken for an actual pinched nerve in the neck region.

Here are the common symptoms of a pinched nerve in shoulder:

Different Kinds Of Pain: Whatever the case, you will feel pain running through your shoulder.   The pain will not always be the same, and can vary from sharp to burning and from very specific to very general.    If, as we discussed previously, you do have a pinched nerve in the cervical region, then you may experience more pain with certain head movements.

Numb in areas: This is very common because when a nerve has been compressed there will be a loss of sensation associated.    You may also feel pins and needles under this category.  This is also not specific and you can feel the numbness in different places depending on where the nerve is being compressed.

Muscle Weakness: When a nerve is compressed you are also stopping the activation path, and you may find that you experience muscle weakness in certain areas.    It is possible to feel this through many movements, such as reaching above your head.

Muscle Spams: You may feel twitching or spams in the region.

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