Night Sweats and Stress

Night Sweats and Stress

Night sweats mean severe sweating that occurs at night, and causes the sleeper to sweat so much that their bed sheets and clothes can get soaked. Sweating at night is sometimes caused by the menopause in women, and is known commonly as hot flushes. Sometimes a more serious illness can be behind night sweats, but often profuse sweating at night can also be caused by stress. Night sweats stress symptoms are very common but are not a serious health problem.

If you have been experiencing serious sweating at night, if you are under stress, and if there is no actual medical problem that can be the cause of the sweats, the best way to reduce the hot flushes is to relieve stress. Stress-related night sweating can also be connected to the menopause or can be even caused by drinking too much alcohol. A stressed out person often drinks too much to relieve anxiety or sleeping problems, excess alcohol can also cause sleeping difficulties. For night sweats alcohol in the evening is not the best option.

If stress is the main cause for sweating, there are many easy stress reduction techniques. When these start to work, the sweats can also disappear. In menopausal women, the hot flushes are related to the hormonal changes women experience during this time, but feeling anxious and worried about health during menopause can contribute to the sweating and the stress. Stress-relieving techniques include massage, other complementary treatments, and herbal remedies. There are also many herbal remedies and treatments for menopausal symptoms or you can talk to your doctor about medical treatments.

If you are suffering from stress-related night sweats, try also to reduce the temperature in the bedroom, open the window at night if you can, and sleep with fewer blankets or with lighter night clothes.

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