My experience at Mayo Clinic

My experience at Mayo Clinic

Almost a year ago now I was diagnosed with a rare medical condition that needed urgent attention. Like many who hear this shocking news, I was reeling and unsure of where to turn for the best help. The choices for seeking help, the range of advice, the impact to my family and career were all significant considerations, and it was challenging to deal with all at once.

I tried to apply to a University medical clinic near my home, thinking that I should get good care at a large organization and being closer to home I could commute to the care I needed. This seemed like my best option at least to start.

I sent my medical information off to request an appointment with a specialist there, and waited. For two nervous weeks of not knowing what was going on I waited for a reply. When I finally heard back it was through my local doctor, they did not have any space to treat me. Now what?

A friend of mine during this time told me of her experiences with the Mayo clinic, so I gave them a try. What a night and day difference in the level of care I got immediately. Even though it required me to travel across the country and stay for an extended time I am sure I made the best choice.

There is a culture of patient care at Mayo that is unmatched. Everyone works as a team for the patient. The doctors put aside petty pride and collaborate in a way I had never seen anywhere else. They communicated with each other regularly and consulted on my care. I frequently had appointments back to back with doctors, and it was clear that each had consulted with the other that day, before I got there.

In addition to this level of care, I greatly appreciated the physical environment of the Mayo campus. A great deal of architectural detail went into the buildings to provide an inviting and nurturing place. Being a geologist I especially liked the variety of rocks used as wall and floor tiles. They came from many different rock formations and I photographed many of them. I also have used some of those images as nature wallpaper for my computer.

In short, I cannot say enough about my experiences at Mayo, and I urge everyone who is facing a critical medical issue to look into Mayo. If you can, go.

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