Monitoring Your Fitness Goals with a Polar F11

Monitoring Your Fitness Goals with a Polar F11

When you are enjoying the outdoors, it is important to have the proper equipment to monitor your heart rate and keep track of your workouts.  Whether you are hiking an untamed mountain or biking through man made trails, Polar F11 watches help you listen to your body while improving your fitness level, all while having fun.  Enjoy your camping experience with fitness in the fresh air, and monitor not only your heart rate but also the level and duration of your workouts.

The main purpose of the Polar F11 watch is to train with personalized workout programs that will help individuals achieve their fitness goals.  The band of the watch is constructed of a soft fabric for comfort and features as a WearLink coded transmitter that pick up heart rate signals.  These signals are then shown to the wearer on the display of the watch for easy viewing during light jobs and biking.

This Polar watch model has a large display that is easily visible and back-lit for any lighting.  Aside from just telling time, this specially designed watch has a split screen with several functions that will display your current heart rate, average heart rate, and length of time you have been exercising.  There are also features such as a stop watch, alarm, and time setting function for entire versatility.  With a water resistance of up to 100 feet of submersion, you will appreciate the fact you swim and even sweat on the watch without damaging it.

Another great feature of this heart rate monitor is the OwnCal system built into the device.  This system will count calories and even fat burned during your session or even throughout the day.  With the allowance of setting weekly and daily goals, those with a new years resolution can truly meet their goals.

One downside of the Polar F11 is the fact that the battery cannot be changed without visiting an authorized service center.  While the battery is expected to last a long lifespan, because this is a precision tool, when the battery stops it is discouraged to attempt changing it yourself.  This could damage the water resistance or other functions this special watch has.

Retailing for as low as $179.99 online, consumers can have an all-in-one fitness watch that can be used for almost any outing.  Even swimmers can monitor their heart rate and lap distances to better times for individual races or relays.  Researching a reliable Polar F11 review will give you all the tools necessary to make a wise investment towards your fitness future.

Want to find out more? Check out this Polar F11 watch review, which will give you all of the specifications you will need to know before investing your hard earned money.

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