Mental Health


Are You In Need Of A Natural Remedy For Anxiety?

Since life does not always go as expected, practically everyone can appreciate a good natural remedy for anxiety once in a while.  Having anxious feelings is a normal part of life.  However, what if it is a bit more than that?  What if your anxiety is affecting your daily activities and your sleep schedule?  This…  [continue reading] 


7 Effective tips for conquering your stress

This article is about 7 smart and effective tips for conquering your stress. Overcoming and dealing effectively with stress is very important to avoid illnesses like depression, heart disease and high blood pressure. So have a look at these tips and use them to beat your stress. Find the source(s) of your stress – Take…  [continue reading] 


Seeking to overcome social anxiety? Read this article

A person suffering from a social disorder often has many problems, although most people keep these issues to themselves. This can sometimes be so frustrating that disorder sufferers can experience attacks in public places or in the presence of other people and this often leads to isolation. Most people do not understand this condition and…  [continue reading] 

Brain Training Truths and Myths

Does Brain Training Work?

Brain training games, programs, classes, and books are everywhere. Society’s is becoming increasingly competitive, and everyone seems concerned about aging, Alzheimer’s and dementia. So naturally there is no shortage of companies and “experts” trying to cash in on the brain training methods to help you boost your mental fitness. But is there really anything you…  [continue reading]