Medical Treatment


Back Surgery: Types and Causes

You might think that back surgery is the second if not the first option when it comes to treating back pains. If you are one of those who think that way, then you are wrong. This surgery is considered only when other methods failed. Back pain is experienced by many people due to a lot…  [continue reading] 

Various Uses Of Ultrasound

There are various uses for ultrasound machines. Sometimes a doctor will order one depending on what they have to see within you. If you test positive for pregnancy then they will use sonograms to see how far along you are, and if the baby has anything wrong with it through the ultrasound. This is great…  [continue reading] 


Best Spine Surgeons

Spinal surgery is a detailed and very important form of surgery that can only be conducted by very skilled orthopedic surgeons. The amount of skill that is required for individuals to successfully carry out this medical procedure are held by very few individuals. A very steady hand and a working knowledge of the human musculoskeletal…  [continue reading] 


Alcohol Abuse Treatment Centers

If you or someone that you know is in need of one of the many alcohol addiction recovery centers, there will probably be some within your geographic area.  You can check with your local mental health agency or alcohol abuse hotline for a list of recommended facilities.  The decision to seek help for a problem…  [continue reading] 


My experience at Mayo Clinic

Almost a year ago now I was diagnosed with a rare medical condition that needed urgent attention. Like many who hear this shocking news, I was reeling and unsure of where to turn for the best help. The choices for seeking help, the range of advice, the impact to my family and career were all…  [continue reading]