Man Boobs FAQs

Man boobs: Is that a medical term?

No, the medical term of manboobs is gynecomastia, that in Greek means “women alike breasts”. It is called man boobs because the breasts of affected people grow and look like boobs.

Which are the causes of man boobs?

Man boobs are caused either by hormone issues or by overweight. The first is called true gynecomastia and can be cured with hormone treatments or take in of drugs, The latter is due to obesity, unhealthy eating habits or lack of exercise and the treatment relies on introducing a healthier diet and/or aerobic exercise.

I’m a teenager and I feel embarrassed by my man boobs, what can I do?

Well, there’s really nothing you can do at the moment to get rid of your man boobs. During puberty (age 12-18), man boobs are caused by hormone imbalance and therefore will likely go away after that age when hormones balance again by themselves. The only thing you can do to feel less embarrassed is hide your man boobs.

Which are the most common ways to hide man boobs?

There are several ways to do it. You can buy special compression garments that are commonly used by people that have undergone liposuction that will reduce their appearance and make your boobs firmer. If you wish your breast to stop bouncing you can think about a bra. There are some bras made for athletes that are designed just for that. Generally the have no sews so that they are also difficult to see under the clothes. Opposite to compression, you can hide your manboobs with loose clothes. Wear shirts one or two sizes bigger than your usual size and wear them loose so that the shape of your body is not emphasized.

Are there some products that can cause man boobs?

All kind of products that lower the production of androgen hormones and testosterone. Good examples of that are some kind of steroids and marijuana. A lower production of testosterone causes increase of estrogen in proportion and the growth of breasts; that’s why this disorder is common in elder people that have low testosterone that decreases with the age. It is commonly believed that products to stop hair loss such as Finasteride can cause man boobs. Even if Finasteride works preventing testosterone from converting into DHT (one of the causes of androgenetic alopecia) the recommended dosage it’s too low to cause hormone problems.

What can I do to reduce man boobs caused by overweight?

There are two cheap and effective ways to lose man boobs if the tissue is fat and not glandular. Diet and exercise. With a healthy and balanced diet you can loose weight and reshape your chest, while with aerobic exercise you can convert fat into energy. Good examples of aerobic work out are skiing, walking, jogging and stepping.

Is man boobs surgery a good way to go?

Only if man boobs are caused by overweight or obesity. In this case you can undergo liposuction which is the most effective way to eliminate man boobs once and for all. Remember that liposuction is a very invasive surgical intervention and that you must consult a doctor before deciding to undergo it. It’s a quite expensive procedure but with minimal to invisible scars provides excellent results.

Is there any natural way to eliminate man boobs?

There are some products on the market that claim to be 100% natural and to reduce man boobs. Although their natural nature won’t harm your organism, there are no scientific evidence that these products work and there are no records that they work at all.

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