Look Younger

NuSkin Galvanic Spa with ageLOC

Going to the spa for any kind of facial or massage treatment can be very relaxing and can make you feel beautiful and rejuvenated.  However the price of going to the spa for these kinds of treatments can also be very expensive.  But what if there was a way to bring the spa to you…  [continue reading] 

What One Biologist Writes about Collagen Cream

Can you picture yourself being a biologist and having extra dry skin? Wouldn’t you want to use any information that you had acquired about the growth of skin cells? Suppose you knew that certain cells, cells like skin cells, grow better when they are fed collagen. Would that knowledge not motivate you to try putting…  [continue reading] 

Knowing when you need a new eye cream

Over a certain age most women have an anti aging eye cream sitting on their dressing table or in a bathroom drawer.  These little pots and tubes of lightweight cream are patted on to the skin around the eyes to relieve the worst signs of aging. No doubt about it adding moisture twice daily to…  [continue reading] 


Make Your Skin Smoother with Face Lift Cream

Are you worried about the effects of aging on your facial looks? Are those effects slowly kicking in? And, are you starting to see sagging lines in what used to be a pristine face? Then the face lift cream may be the solution for you. While a lot of these creams may be available both…  [continue reading] 


Anti Aging Procedures

As cosmetic science continues to advance, anti aging remedies are rapidly becoming more affordable. It is important for you to consider a number of important details before taking up any specific anti aging treatment such as Botox injections, chemical peels and etc. Although most of procedures are quite safe these days, you should try to…  [continue reading] 


How to Choose an Anti Wrinkle Cream

There are a huge number of anti wrinkle products on the market, including deep wrinkle creams, eye serums, night creams etc. and it can be difficult to know which ones will be effective. Just because a product is expensive that doesn’t mean it will be more effective than a cheaper cream. You are often paying…  [continue reading] 


Live Great and Live Long

You know, as you age, you will slowly see your lifestyle choices, past injuries, eating habits and even the force of gravity, leave a negative impact on your physique and on your overall health. In order for you to maintain your ideal weight as well as for you to stay fit and healthy, you will…  [continue reading] 


Over the Counter Retinol Products

Over the counter retinol products are increasing in popularity as people realize that they do actually work to reduce the lines and wrinkles that we all experience as we get older. One of the more effective ingredients used in anti-aging products is retinol, a vitamin A derivative, that has been clinically proven to reduce wrinkles…  [continue reading] 


Amazon John: Keeping You Young

It has long been thought that the rain forest holds many of the cures for standard ailments and conditions. However, studies have only recently began taking off and developing the kinds of products that can assist your life in so many positive ways. One many who has taken it upon himself to go out and…  [continue reading] 


Weeding Through Anti Aging Products

Smooth, toned and firm skin is something most people long to have. Having age spots or wrinkled skin isn’t something anyone necessarily desires. Showing visible signs of aging and growing older happens. But, to age gracefully, you must plan on working at it. More often than not, you will need some help with that. As…  [continue reading] 


Healthy facial fitness through facial exercises

Would you believe it if I introduced you to a facelift technique that does not involve a surgical procedure? Yes, you can revitalize your facial skin, get rid of double chins, wrinkles, eye bags and generally face fat naturally. Facial fitness through facial exercises is the most effective way to keep the face fit, looking…  [continue reading]