Local Fat Burn Can Be Achieved With An Infrared Body Wrap

Many people don’t think that you can actually burn fat from a specific area of your body, and science has been backing this claim for quite a long time.  The honest truth is that you can’t achieve local fat burn by simply working the muscles in that area – this makes crunches ineffective for losing fat over your abdomen. One thing that can help with this though is an infrared body wrap.

Infrared is basically just heat that is transferred through your skin in to the lower layers of your protective shell – this is where the subcutaneous fat is located. By speeding up the circulation by heating this area we can actually achieve results that reduce inflammation and enable local fat burn in this area. Cellulite is treated this way, and that is why people who have tried infrared body wraps, usually experience a really smooth skin after the treatment.

You won’t see results though immediately, since the process will take some time. By heating the area your body opens up the smallest veins in the area to allow maximal circulation to transfer the heat away from that area in spread it around your body where it can be sweated out of your system. While your body increases the circulation, it also transfers more immunoagents in that area, making your body supercharged to get rid of anything that is causing inflammation in that area. These phagocytes eat up everything that doesn’t belong there and transfer the unwanted material in to your liver which is going to take care of them.

Don’t be expecting much though, since results are usually notable but minimal – the best way to boost your results is to do a full body resistance training workout right before you use the infrared body wrap. That way your body is already set for fat burn, and with the body wrap you will localize the effects.

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