Live Great and Live Long

Live Great and Live Long

You know, as you age, you will slowly see your lifestyle choices, past injuries, eating habits and even the force of gravity, leave a negative impact on your physique and on your overall health. In order for you to maintain your ideal weight as well as for you to stay fit and healthy, you will need to exercise regularly. Exercising is a great way in order for you to start losing weight. It is also important because doing so will help you immensely in terms of preventing disease, boosting your metabolism, reducing high levels of stress and the list just goes on and on. Here are a 2 great exercise tips for over 50 bodybuilding.

1. Aerobic Exercises

There are a lot of fun and effective aerobic exercises that you can engage in. Biking, swimming, jogging, sprinting, brisk walking are just some of your choices. Ballroom dancing is also considered as a form of aerobic activity and this is an excellent over 50 exercise. Many fitness experts suggests that you perform moderate aerobic routines for at least twenty to thirty minutes per day for four to five times a week or high impact aerobic routines for fifteen to twenty minutes per day for approximately three days a week.

2. Resistance Training

You are naturally bound to lose muscle mass as you grow older. Resistance training is a good way of counteracting muscle atrophy. Make it a point that you engage yourself in resistance training for at least two days for each week. You can make use of free weights, exercise machines, resistance bands or even your own body weight when performing your exercises. If you are a newbie, start off by performing eight to ten different routines with ten to twelve reps per routine which will target all of the major muscle groups of your body. Remember, progression is important, so you will want to vary your exercise program after every five to six weeks to steer clear of the dreaded plateau.

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