Knowing when you need a new eye cream

Over a certain age most women have an anti aging eye cream sitting on their dressing table or in a bathroom drawer.  These little pots and tubes of lightweight cream are patted on to the skin around the eyes to relieve the worst signs of aging.

No doubt about it adding moisture twice daily to skin that has lost some of the bounce and glow of youth definitely helps to rejuvenate your looks.  Once you find an eye cream you like you probably want to stick with it through thick and thin. After all finding the right product was difficult enough in the first place – you don’t want to go through all that again.

But it is quite likely that at some point you find your old trusted product just isn’t up to the job any more. Here’s how to recognize the signs so you will know when to try a new eye cream:

1.  Your skin changes with age – no matter what anti aging strategy you follow you are going to get older.  Skin goes through different changes as we age and the decades pass bringing new issues for more mature skin.  The eye cream you had in your forties may not be right for your fifties or sixties and beyond.  In particular, skin gets noticeably drier in your fifties and can become even thinner and more fragile in your sixties.  There are skin care lines that address these problems specifically.  If you notice the lines you had a deepening significantly or traveling down your face alarmingly or perhaps your skin feels more tight and drier than normal then take a look at your eye cream – you could need a new one.

2.  You change your circumstances. You may spend more time in the challenging outdoors with more sun and exposure to the elements.  You may move to a harsher climate or take a new job.  You may suddenly work in a highly air conditioned or over heated environment.  Perhaps you have been on a diet or lost a lot of weight and it affects the condition of your skin.  The eye cream you used to find effective may not cope with your new circumstances – time for a change.

3.  New technology brings exciting developments in anti aging skin care and you want to try out a new eye cream. Science is bringing more and more improvements to anti aging skin care and it would be stupid to deny yourself an advantage – so give it a go and try something new.

4.  You suddenly develop an allergic reaction to an ingredient in your cream.  This is surprisingly common as we get older – sensitization increases and you find spots, inflammation or itchiness becoming a problem even though you have used the same product for years.  Stop using it and look at an alternative.  If you want to you can try your old favorite again after a break and could be you find you have overcome your allergy.

5.  You have to cut back and buy something less expensive. Financial circumstances change and what was affordable once may seem like a luxury you should forgo.  It would be silly to stop looking after your skin so go and find a budget version of the eye cream that suits you so well.  When you feel able to splash out more you can come back to the luxury product you prefer.

Its important in all of this not to carry on using something that has lost its effectiveness for whatever reason.  We all get attached to our routines and our favorite brands and the danger is you hold on to something because you can’t face going to the trouble of changing it for a new one.

Applying an eye cream that has stopped working is worse than not using one at all.  You need to recognize the signs and do something about it.

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