Juicing Benefits for Health

Juicing Benefits for Health

The interest and practice of juicing for health has grown steadily over the past few decades as people become more and more health conscious. The famous Jack LaLanne power juicer infomercials that first aired around 10 years ago also played a strong role in bringing juicing into the main stream. So what are the wonderful health benefits of juicing?

Juicer Health Benefit: Living Enzymes

One thing that we achieve from fresh homemade juicing recipes that we otherwise achieve very little of is living enzymes. Fresh fruit and vegetables are a great source of living enzymes (also referred to as living foods). However we need to chew fruits and vegetables really well to release some of these enzymes from the fibers and pulp; even then we only access a small percentage of them. Juicing really ‘tears up’ these fibers to deliver an abundance of living enzymes in the resulting fresh juice.

Living enzymes are very beneficial for health. Enzyme are chemicals that act as catalyst for many metabolic process in the body. Digestion is one area were enzymes excel; they help to break down proteins into amino acids which really helps improve digestion. For example, the enzymes in papayas and pineapples are called papain and betaine respectively and are especially effective at breaking down proteins. Papain and betaine ares so good at this that they are often sold in supplements that aid digestion and are also used in meat tenderizing products.

Juicers Also Provide Vitamins A an C

Fresh homemade juicing is also a great way to provide plenty of vitamin C and vitamin A to your diet. Vitamins A and C are key nutrients for the immune system; between them they help create more than half of the antibodies and white blood cells in our bodies. This helps protect us from bacteria, infections and viruses such as colds and flu.  All fruits and vegetables contain vitamin C, while almost all vegetables are a good source of vitamin A.

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