Increase Your Daily Intake of Fruits and Vegetables with a Home Juicer Machine

A home juicer machine provides users with a simple way to quickly and deliciously get all the fruits and vegetables they need each day. These machines are capable of juicing almost anything imaginable, from the expected candidates like apples and oranges, to surprising options like carrots and turnips. Not matter what you choose to juice,…  [continue reading] 


Make the Most of Juicer Recipes

I used to really enjoy putting fruit into my juicer, extracting what I could get from them just to see what sort of flavours I could come up with. Other times I would have some slightly over ripe fruit that I wouldn’t eat so throwing them in the juicer seemed like the next best thing….  [continue reading] 


Fruit juicers-A successful journey to health

Juicing has become a vital part in our day to day lives. It’s especially true for people that are cautious about what they eat and drink. People have started to understand the importance of consuming fresh vegetable and fruit juices to maintain good health and longevity. Drinking fresh 100% juice is a healthy choice and…  [continue reading] 

How powerful does my blender need to be?

That is a question that everyone asks all the time. Much like ‘the other guy’ from the movie Fight Club where everyone keeps asking him if he knows Tyler Durden. While whether Edward Norton knew Tyler or not is an answer I can’t give without a spoiler warning, the other question of how powerful your blender needs to however is a…  [continue reading] 

Your New Breville Juicer

A juicer or juice extractor is a machine designed to extract the juice from fruits and vegetables … and sometimes, grasses and herbs.  During the juicing process, the cellulose barriers of the produce are broken down releasing the extremely beneficial nutrients and enzymes within these fruits and vegetables.  The resulting juice is packed full of…  [continue reading] 


Delicious Healthy Smoothie Recipes with Apple

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, or so the saying goes.  If for no other reason, apples are a great addition to any smoothie but scientific research has also highlighted many health benefits. For example, a study has shown that in children with asthma, those who drink apple juice daily wheeze less than…  [continue reading] 


Three Tips on Finding Great Power Juicer Elite Deals

Have you ever considered buying a Power Juicer Elite but didn’t because it was too expensive? Or are you considering buying a less expensive juicer instead, like the Green Star juicer and the Omega juicer? Your concerns are understandable, as it is true that the Power Juicer Elite is rather expensive. However, it is possible…  [continue reading] 


The Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has been used as a tonic and a health aid for centuries. Hippocrates (500 B.C), the father of medicine, administered apple cider vinegar with honey as a natural treatment for coughs and other viral infections. This is the first historical record of apple cider vinegar and its role in health. Today, with…  [continue reading] 


Get Your Five Servings a Day with the Juiceman Juicer

Nothing tastes as good as fresh fruits and vegetables, especially compared to the processed canned or frozen varieties that often come paired with added salts, sugars and harmful preservatives. Juice is no exception to this phenomenon of fresh being best. A Juiceman Juicer is the best way to enjoy your five or more servings a…  [continue reading] 


The Health Benefits of Juicing Apples and Pears

With the attention of super foods in the press these days, it can be easy to overlook the health benefits of apples and pears. Not only do they make a delicious juicing recipe when juiced together, they are also a great source of many nutrients. Both apples and pears contain a kind of sugar called…  [continue reading] 


Advantages of twin gear juicer machines

Drinking freshly made fruit and vegetable juices is virtually as good as eating the ingredients raw – especially if you are using a slow speed masticating, or cold press juicer. There are differences in the quality of juice made by different machines – basically the faster the processing occurs, the lower the quality. This is…  [continue reading] 

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Juicing Benefits for Health

The interest and practice of juicing for health has grown steadily over the past few decades as people become more and more health conscious. The famous Jack LaLanne power juicer infomercials that first aired around 10 years ago also played a strong role in bringing juicing into the main stream. So what are the wonderful…  [continue reading]